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Mortgage Loan Originators

Chan Candy - Millbrae B15 772973
Chan Koi Samson New York Brooklyn B52 1029044
Chan Sze Wan   Las Vegas B18 1172509
Chan Yin   Kent B80 962468
Chang Chi David New York Brooklyn B52 565482
Chang ChingYuan Gary Millbrae B15 978961
Chang Heilin Linda Irvine B14 519045
Chang Sharon   Cerritos B29 565448
Chang Wen Wen San Jose Brokaw B38 565523
Chang Yu Lynn Chicago Westmont B75 565447
Chao Anna - Bellevue B83 1007021
Chau David - Kent B80 519046
Chen Huoy-Jiuan Crystal Cupertino B12 565524
Chen Irene - Orange B33 519040
Chen Jennifer - Orange B33 565497
Chen Jiao Jasmine New York Chinatown B51 565556
Chen Na-Sa - Cupertino B12 565517
Chen Ryan   New York South Flushing B67 1273695
Chen Tsunghsin Vincent San Diego B36 565501
Chen Yu Tony New York Chatham Square B68 565468
Cheng Chia-Hwei Samuel New York South Flushing B67 565585
Cheng Eric - Richmond B19 565522
Chen-Lee Shiny - San Gabriel B7 519113
Cheung Annie - San Jose Brokaw B38 772977
Cheung Patrick - Mortgage Loan 1183 672999
Chi Tiffany - Rowland Heights B4 565449
Chin Jimmy   Chicago Chinatown B73 1172112
Choi Kenneth - Ontario B42 565502
Chou Tien Christine New York South Flushing B67 565483
Chou Yug-Huey Ruby Rowland Heights B4 968919
Chow Kim - Chicago Broadway B74 565553
Chow Man-Wa Kitty City of Industry B11 968914
Chun Cho Richard New York Chinatown B51 565574
Ciputra Josephine - Retail Loan - N. Cal Region 1282 565525
Dai Wen - New Jersey B88 565484
Dang Lan - San Jose B6 565518
Deng Miaoli Shirley Boston B60 1170696
Ding Sharon - Arcadia B26 519034
Do Jennifer - Alhambra B3 565505
Duong Hillary - Chicago Broadway B74 565443
Fan Anita - Milpitas B13 565520
Fung Ho-Yee Melissa Torrance B8 519027
Gong Joann - New York Soho B53 565485
Guan Andrina - Oakland B9 978959
Han Ching-Ju Lucy Milpitas B13 565535
He Lu Daisy Seattle B81 1073490
Ho Andrea - Oakland B9 565536
Ho Shui Alice Retail Loan - N. Cal Region 1282 565527
Ho Shuk Gillian Rowland Heights B4 955107
Hu Xiao Ning Kitty Union City B21 724230
Huang Eva   New York Bensonhurst B56 1273693
Huang Huina - New York South Flushing B67 565471
Huang Jenny - Cerritos B29 519028
Hwang Charlie   Cerritos B29 716084
Hwang Wen-Chien Amanda New York Region - Lending 1064 565486
Jiang Jason   Officer Training 1252661
Kuang Lun Alan New York Flushing B50 565472
Kwong Wendy   San Jose Brokaw B38 1077640
Lai Maggie - Oakland B9 565537
Lau Andrew   Orange B33 1183082
Lee Alice - Houston B70 (TX Corp Loan 2385) 644717
Lee An-Jo Angela Fountain Valley B32 1178436
Lee Ariel - Plano B79 (Loan Production Dallas 2485) 644719
Lee David - New York Chinatown B51 565498
Lee Pak Kenny New York Chatham Square B68 856475
Lee Sau Fanny Diamond Bar B20 565451
Lee Shuju Shu City of Industry B11 519111
Lei Joyce - New York Soho B53 565554
Lei Xinzhuan Jannie West Covina B28 968918
Li Erica - Oakland B9 565529
Li Qiu Susan Cupertino B12 772976
Li Xiao Suyie NY Flushing B50 1273692
Liang Pattie - New York North Flushing B66 565487
Liang Xuexia Michelle Boston B60 1273691
Lin Chun-Hwa Julie Irvine Barranca B30 519044
Lin Hsiao Ing - Arcadia B26 519039
Lin Sue   Union City B21 978958
Ling May - Chicago Chinatown B73 565445
Linh Jennifer - Chicago Corp 1076 565546
Liou Pei-Chun Li San Gabriel B7 519112
Liu Jin - New York South Flushing B67 565580
Liu Xiao Shirley Seattle B81 1018744
Lo Anna - Real Estate 1185 565460
Lo Ava   Fountain Valley B32 682633
Loi Lai Peggy Kent B80 1194465
Lu Claudia - Valley Stoneman B17 565494
Lum Michael - Bellevue B83 519049
Mai Dong - Boston B60 713481
Malhotra Sushma - Plano B79 (Loan Production Dallas 2485) 644720
Moy Woo Julie - Chicago Chinatown B73 565446
Ng Sek Hong Bellevue B83 1007020
Ng Sunny - New York Region - Lending 1064 565476
Ng Thomas - Kent B80 519052
Ni Bing   Officer Training 1252659
Pan Ashley   Special Assets 1171 1168758
Peng Ho Li Ching - Union City B21 565538
Phan-On Linda   Westminster B5 1276771
Phong Gorden - Las Vegas B18 565696
Prucha Fuchi   Las Vegas B18 1192078
Qian Weijie Leon NY Midtown B65 1273697
Qu Yuan Yvonne Bellevue B83 1007022
Seto Judy - Chicago Westmont B75 565549
Sheneman Allison - Seattle B81 494027
Sheu Lu Jina Houston B70 1252663
Shieh Hsiu-Hwa Jackie New York Midtown B65 565477
Shih Jane - Diamond Bar B20 565495
Shih Rihong Sammy West Covina B28 & Ontario B42 1169145
Situ Iris - Alhambra B3 971481
So Ho Wendy Sacramento B22 978957
Song Zejin   Officer Training 1252660
Su Jennifer - Irvine Barranca B30 565507
Su Ting Tim Bellevue B83 673020
Sun Yu-Shu   Special Assets 1171 1124421
Sung I-Ling Eileen San Gabriel B7 1253324
Sung Tai Sheng - San Diego B36 565508
Ta Thu An Oakland B9 1135222
Tam Kwan Algar NY Region - Corp Lending 5586 565557
Tan Kelvin   Chicago Corporate 1192079
Tang Tom   NY Region - Mortgage Loan 673021
Tang Tsungchen Joanna Cupertino B12 565539
Tang Wilson - Los Angeles B1 565453
Tanuwijaya Ellen - City of Industry B11 968915
Tran Amy - New York Chinatown B51 565576
Tran Chan Jenny Los Angeles B1 565455
Trinidad Sheina   Special Assets 1171 1165986
Truong Min Jenny Chicago Chinatown B73 565550
Truong Phuong Nancy New York North Flushing B66 1062523
Tsang Hing Harry New York Region - Corp Lending 5586 565491
Tse Kenny   San Francisco B41 1135221
Tsou Stephen Ping Heng New York North Flushing B66 1029045
Tung Howard - Mortgage 1183 672912
Vu Dean   Westminster B5 565456
Vuong De Danny Sacramento B22 565540
Wang Emily   West Covina B28 565496
Wang Joy - Union City B21 772975
Wei Yuehchuan Emily Torrance B8 519043
Weng Tian Joanne Dublin B43 565541
Williams Irene - Northridge B34 955110
Wong Chun-Fa Florence Valley-Stoneman B17 955108
Wong Claudia - Dublin B43 565533
Wong Fun - New York Chinatown B51 565478
Wong Jenny - Chicago Broadway B74 565547
Wong King   Arcadia B26 1172507
Wong Man Mandy New York Midtown B65 565577
Wong Paul - Richmond B19 772974
Wong Yuk Irene Millbrae B15 565542
Wong-Mok Ivy - New York South Flushing B67 565489
Wu Dora - Monterey Park B2 519037
Wu Freda - Northridge B34 565510
Wu Li Mandy New York Flushing B50 1273699
Wu Lillian - Northridge B34 519114
Wu Susan - New York Soho B53 565584
Wu Wanda - Los Angeles B1 519038
Wu Ye Angela Diamond Bar B20 1273700
Wu Zhao Ken New York Bensonhurst B56 565441
Xiao Sharon - New York Flushing B50 565582
Xie Wendy   NY Chinatown B51 1273698
Yang Janie   Special Assets 1171 1165987
Yang Lee Lee-Chuan Irvine B14 565458
Yang-Brenner Josephine - Bellevue B83 519055
Yeung Amy - San Francisco B41 565534
Yu Jingfang Joyce Irvine Barranca B30 565512
Yu Ju Judi Chicago Chinatown B73 565552
Yu Liangyi Lily Monterey Park B2 968916
Zhang George   China Business Development NY 5583 1135220
Zhang Lei Renee Monterey Park B2 519042
Zhang Qi Candy New York Flushing B50 565442
Zhao Yan Nicole Seattle B81 508232
Zhao Zhuangfei Jung El Monte B23 565499
Zhou Jing - New York Brooklyn B52 565480
Zhu Zeqin Kevin Houston B70 (TX Corp Loan 2385) 951313

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