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U.S.-China Report Q2 update
U.S.-China Report 2019 Q2 update
Trade skirmishes with a chance of more to follow. Were the new tariffs to remain for a lengthy time, China’s world factory, global supply chains, and the U.S. import and distribution system could be disrupted in a significant way. Keep reading
U.S.-China Report Q2 update
U.S.-China Report Q1 update
U.S.-China Report 2019 Q1 update
The economic relationship between the U.S. and China may bifurcate into a two-tier trading relationship in the future. Will there be an agreement? We now have some solid indications that the modest agreement we have been predicting in this series is coming to realization. Keep reading
U.S.-China Report Q1 update
U.S.-China 2019 Annual Economic Report
In 2018, “American First” clashed with the “the China Dream.” This clash is dominating U.S.-China economic relations in the early part of 2019 as well. Keep reading