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Business Online Banking - Enhanced Login Questions & Answers

1. What is an Enhanced Login security?
To further protect our customers from identity theft, Cathay Bank implemented Enhanced Login security in our online banking system. Enhanced Login security means that even if a user has their password stolen in a “phishing” attack or by malicious software, the fraudster cannot access online accounts because he/she does not know the additional factors needed.
2. I keep getting a prompt for Email Address Confirmation. Why is that?
Our online banking system gives you an opportunity to validate or update your email address. This will prepare you to receive a one-time security code for enrolling in the Enhanced Login security feature.
3. How do I enroll for Enhanced Login security?
Step 1: After logging in, you will be presented with a prompt on the Enhanced Login security screen.
Step 2: Following the instructions, you are to retrieve the Security Code* from your email account.
Enter this code. Then check the box to add extra security protection to the computer.
Step 3: A “success” screen displays
Step 4: Enroll in the Enhanced Login security feature using the computer you use most often in order to add the unique, secure device ID onto its browser. Once your computer is successfully enrolled, there will be no change to your current login as long as you are logging in from this computer.
* Security Code expires after 30 minutes. If you do not retrieve it on time, and need a new one generated, click on “Request a New Security Code” link.
4. How does Enhanced Login security work for Cathay Business Online Banking?
During subsequent logins, Cathay Business Online Banking will check for both correct login info and matching device ID. If device ID is not present or mismatched, login is only allowed if temporary security code sent via email to the user is entered.
5. Can I enroll more than one computer/browser for Enhanced Login security?
Yes, you can enroll as many computers/browsers as you wish.
6. How do I un-enroll a computer that I no longer use?
Step 1: Once logged in, go to Administration => Login Credentials => Unenroll Computers
Step 2: On the Unenroll Computers screen, select either the first option (to un-enroll this computer) or the second option (to un-enroll all computers)
7. I often use a public computer to check my business banking account. Should I go ahead and enroll that computer so I don’t have to enter a security code each time?
We recommend that you DO NOT enroll on a public computer.
8. I often use a puI’m trying to get into my Business Banking account and there’s a screen asking for a Security Code. Why?
Scenario 1: you are attempting to log into Cathay Business Online Banking from an un-enrolled computer/browser
Scenario 2: you are using a different browser than you usually use
Scenario 3: you have cleared your cookies on a previously-enrolled computer
Scenario 4: the Company Administrator has reset/un-enrolled all computers for the other users
9. I have an employee at a meeting and she’s trying to get into her Business Banking account, and it’s asking her for the security code. But she can’t get to her email account on that laptop to see the code. How does she get into Business Banking now?
In some cases, the user may not be able to access his/her company email account. However, the company administrator can change the email address to one he/she can access via web mail. Then he/she can retrieve the security code from the web mail and log in again.




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