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International Banking & Financing

If you are looking for international and domestic trade financing, Cathay Bank provides a full line of diversified international and domestic banking services tailored to meet your varying financial needs.

Founded in 1962, Cathay Bank has prided itself on having one of the most knowledgeable and experienced trade finance groups anywhere. Our seasoned Trade Finance Specialists not only have in-depth knowledge of trade financing and international banking services, but also have the ability to anticipate customers' banking needs.

Cathay Bank issues letters of credit (L/C) to most countries worldwide. We have an extensive correspondent bank network in Asia, Europe, and South and North America, which can facilitate expedited trade processing for you. In addition, our fully staffed International Operations Department is committed to accurate and speedy processing of all your documentary transactions through our advanced automated L/C operating system.

With our experienced trade finance experts, extensive correspondent bank network, and the efficiency of our advanced L/C operating system, we are committed to guiding you through every phase of your foreign trade activities from structuring a line of credit to financing your trade cycle, issuing and negotiating your letter of credit and providing foreign exchange services to increase your trading profit.

In addition to Import and Export Letters of Credit and Documentary Collections Services, we also assist you with negotiating, advising and confirming letters of credit, and pre- and post-export financing in an efficient manner and with competitive pricing.

Below is a brief summary of our services:

Type of Financing

  • Import and export L/C financing
  • Accounts receivable and inventory financing
  • Asset-based financing
  • Documentary collections financing

Letter of Credit and Documentary Collections Services


  • Issuance of commercial letter of credit
  • Issuance of stand-by letter of credit
  • Issuance of back-to-back letter of credit
  • Issuance of transfer letters of credit
  • Negotiation of import and export letters of credit
  • Import and export documentary collections (D/A, D/P)
  • Discounting banker's acceptances


  • Foreign - SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications)

This advanced and reliable system can transfer funds on-line within 24 hours to most major cities worldwide.

  • Domestic - FedWire

For money transfer within the U.S., this system provides funds delivery instantly through our extensive on-line correspondent bank network.

Foreign Exchange Service

If you have payables or receivables in foreign currency, Cathay Bank offers both Spot and Forward Contracts to facilitate your international banking needs. With no extra fee and our favorable exchange rates, your company will have greater flexibility in pricing your payables while staying competitive in today's global marketplace. As a major Chinese-American bank in the foreign exchange market, our knowledgeable Foreign Exchange Specialists are able to assist you with prompt, personal and professional service.

  • Spot Contract

Allows for the setting and delivery of your foreign exchange transactions within two business days.

  • Forward Contract1

Provides for future delivery of foreign currency at an established exchange rate for maturities up to one year. You may choose from a fixed date maturity or a window delivery contract, which provides the flexibility of executing delivery within a 30-day period.

  • Non Deliverable Forward (NDF) Contract1

The NDF is similar to a forward contract. The key difference is that settlement of the contract is made, not by actual delivery of the currencies, but by taking the difference between the agreed rate and an official "fixing rate" to determine the net settlement amount in U.S. dollars.

  • Foreign Currency Option1

An agreement where the option buyer has the right to buy or sell foreign currency at a specified price on a specific date by paying an option premium. It allows the buyer to take advantage of favorable movements in the exchange rate.

Foreign Currency Time Deposit (FDIC insured)

If you want to hold foreign currency deposits and maximize your investment, our Foreign Currency Time Deposits will allow you to take advantage of fluctuations in exchange rates2 and get you the most out of every investment dollar. At Cathay Bank, we offer a wide choice of foreign currencies at competitive rates to serve your investment needs.

Cathay Business Online Banking Service

This service provides both transaction capability and current account information access right from your computer through the Internet. You can issue wire transfer instructions, view loan balances and arrange for online loan payments to the Bank.

Lending Limit

Cathay Bank is able to lend millions in large dollar trade finance. For major large dollar credit, the bank can also do participation loans involving other banks. With more than 50 years of experience in international financial transactions, our highly experienced Trade Finance Specialists are able to create flexible financing solutions to meet your unique international trading requirements.

For more information, please contact our international banking specialists.

Shu Yuan Lai

(626) 279-3276

Trade Financing

Maggie Lee

(626) 279-3682

Multicultural Lending Group

Aileen Luh

(626) 279-3782

International Banking Operation

Dennis Kwok

(626) 279-3221

Foreign Exchange

1 Service may not be available to all customers; please ask Foreign Exchange Department for details.
2 Fluctuations in exchange rates of foreign currencies may reduce principal.





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U.S. customers in Hong Kong can dial toll-free 3710-1400 to contact U.S. Customer Service directly.

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