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Credit Cards

Credit cards are very convenient.  You swipe the card at the register and you get to take home a new purse or a new electronic toy you’ve been wanting without having to put down any cash.  They even give you the option of making a small affordable payment every month when they bill you, so you don’t have to pay it back all at once.  So what’s the catch?

Typically credit cards charge high interest rates because they’re designed to be easy access, short-term debt.  If you are using your card safely, you’ll put a balance on it and then repay it right away, which means you won’t pay much interest at all. 

Of course, if you use your credit card wisely, credit cards are great.  They’re very convenient to use, safer to carry than cash, and some even reward you for using them through rewards points or cash back.  On top of that, using and paying off your credit card regularly helps you build a credit history which makes it easier to take out loans in the future. Remember though, you’re borrowing money and the longer you take to pay it back might mean you end up paying a lot more than you thought.


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