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Verified by Visa FAQs

Questions About the Service

Q: What is Verified by Visa?
A: Verified by Visa is a service developed by Visa to help ensure that only you use your Visa card to shop online.

Q: What is the benefit for consumers?
A: It provides added assurance when using your Visa card to make purchases online. You can be comfortable that any online merchant using the Verified by Visa security system is a legitimate commercial entity.

Q: Is my personal information safe and secure?
A: Yes. Your information is transmitted using a high level of encryption and is stored on a secure server.

Q: Does Verified by Visa cost me anything?
A: No. There are no additional charges associated with this service.

Q: Are there any service guarantees?
A: The information you provide for registration purposes is protected and will not be used by or shared with any other parties except the contractors who operate this service on behalf of Visa. You are also afforded all the protections available to you when you use your Visa card in person.

Questions About Shopping with Verified by Visa

Q: How do I shop with Verified by Visa?
A: Once you've registered, the service will automatically work at any of our participating merchants. Check out our demo to see how simple shopping with Verified by Visa is.

Q: Where can I shop using Verified by Visa?
A: At all Verified by Visa participating merchants.

Q: I am not an Internet expert. How easy is Verified by Visa to use?
A: Verified by Visa is so easy to use, you'll barely know it's there. Just complete the registration process by verifying your identity and shop! We're here to make shopping in the virtual world as easy and convenient as possible - just as we help you in the physical world.

Q: What browser do I need to use for Verified by Visa?
A: Verified by Visa requires Microsoft Internet Explorer version 4.0 and above, Netscape Navigator 4.0 and above or AOL 4.0 and above.

Q: Can I use Verified by Visa from a different computer than the one where I signed up?
A: Yes. That's one of the benefits of Verified by Visa! You can make purchases at any computer.

Q: What happens when I finish shopping?
A: When you are finished shopping, proceed to your merchant's checkout page. As the transaction is completed, you will be asked to enter your personal password. Should you forget your password, we'll even display a hint you supplied when you registered!

Questions About Registration

Q: How do I register for Verified by Visa?
A: Go to our Registration Page and enter the requested information to ensure that only you are able to use your Visa card online with participating merchants. It's an easy process.

Q: Why are you asking all these questions during registration?
A: We are safeguarding the use of Visa cards by their rightful owners. We must make sure, as best we can, that the owners of Visa card accounts are the ones actually registering their cards and signing up for Verified by Visa. Our two-step process verifies the identity of cardholder registrants for Verified by Visa, and provides system-wide confidence to everyone participating in this service, including merchants and banks.

Q: What is the card verification code?
A: A card verification code is a 3 digit number, usually on the back of your Visa card, that uniquely identifies the card issued to a cardholder. This is another measure to safeguard your card. Visa can match the card verification code against its own records to help verify that the person trying to register for the service is in physical possession of the card, and likely to be the rightful owner of the card.

Q: What is a Personal Message?
A: The Personal Message is created by you during the registration process, and will be displayed back to you when you are prompted for your password during Verified by Visa password verification at checkout. The Personal Message was designed to reduce the risk of fraudulent merchants presenting false credentials to unknowing Internet users in order to gain access to personal financial information. So when the Verified by Visa password window prompt includes your Personal Message, that gives you more assurance that it is actually Verified by Visa asking you for your password, and not someone else masquerading as Verified by Visa.




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