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Mobile Web Banking FAQ

Are there fees to use the Mobile Web Banking service?

Cathay Bank doesn't charge any fees to use Mobile Web Banking. However, you should contact your wireless service provider to see if any connectivity or usage rates may apply.

Do I have to be enrolled in Cathay Online Banking to use Mobile Web Banking?

For security purposes, you must be enrolled in Cathay Online Banking to access account information and perform banking transactions through the Mobile Web Banking service. However, you can use the ATM/Branch locator feature and access contact information for Cathay Bank without being enrolled in Cathay Online Banking.

Can I use the same User ID and Password for my Mobile Web Banking that I use for Cathay Online Banking?

Yes. And if you're not enrolled in Cathay Online Banking, you can simply go to www.CathayBank.com from your computer and click "sign up now" at the upper left corner under Personal Online Banking.

After how many incorrect logon attempts will my Mobile Web Banking be locked?

Your Mobile Web Banking/Cathay Online Banking access will be locked after the third invalid User ID and Password entry. You can call our customer service, at 1-800-922-8429, to reset your password.

Can my Mobile Web Banking session time out?

Yes, just like your Cathey Online Banking session using a computer, your Mobile Web Banking session will time out after 5 minutes.

Which accounts are available through my Mobile Web Banking?

All accounts available in Cathay Online Banking are available in Mobile Web Banking.

What can I do with my Mobile Web Banking?

With Mobile Web Banking, you can:

  • View account balances and transaction history.
  • Transfer funds between your Cathay Bank accounts.
  • Pay bills - If you're enrolled in Web BillPay and have existing payees, you can schedule bill payments.


Can someone intercept my Mobile Web Banking transactions?

Rest assured that your Mobile Web Banking transactions are secure. Our 128-bit SSL encryption technology safeguards Internet traffic for secure Web applications and protects your information as it travels from your mobile device to the bank.

Can my Mobile Web Banking be accessed without a User ID and Password?

No. For your own safety, we'll ask you to use your Cathay Online Banking User ID and Password to access your Mobile Web Banking.

How can I be sure my Mobile Web Banking information is secure if someone steals my mobile device?

We require users to enter a valid User ID and Password, to access Mobile Web Banking. If your mobile device is stolen, they won't be able to access the Mobile Web Banking without your User ID and Password. However, you should contact your wireless service provider to have your device deactivated.

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