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Looking forward in harmony

Wishing you many blessings in the Year of the Ox

Download the 2021 wallpapers!

In this spirit of the new year, we present a collection of seasonal wallpapers by artist Lin Dihuan.

As you contemplate the beauty of each month, we hope you feel inspired to pursue your dreams with confidence, knowing Cathay Bank will work diligently to provide the financial tools you need for growth and success.

Please click the preview images below to download the digital wallpapers.


Lin Dihuan

A university professor with a degree in clinical medicine, Lin Dihuan has quickly gained online recognition throughout China as a painter, calligrapher and photographer. Lin’s wider body of work is known for its warmth, humor, positive energy, and profound meaning.

2021 wallpapers

Desktop – 1920x1080

Please click the preview images to download our digital wallpaper.

2021 Wallpaper_Desktop_1920x1080_January 2021 Wallpaper_Desktop_1920x1080_Februray 2021 Wallpaper_Desktop_1920x1080_March 2021 Wallpaper_Desktop_1920x1080_April 2021 Wallpaper_Desktop_1920x1080_May 2021 Wallpaper_Desktop_1920x1080_June 2021 Wallpaper_Desktop_1920x1080_July 2021 Wallpaper_Desktop_1920x1080_August 2021 Wallpaper_Desktop_1920x1080_September 2021 Wallpaper_Desktop_1920x1080_October 2021 Wallpaper_Desktop_1920x1080_November 2021 Wallpaper_Desktop_1920x1080_December

Tablet – 1600x2400

Please click the preview images to download our digital wallpaper.

2021 Wallpaper_Tablet_1600x2400_January 2021 Wallpaper_Desktop_Tablet_1600x2400_Februray 2021 Wallpaper_Tablet_1600x2400_March 2021 Wallpaper_Tablet_1600x2400_April 2021 Wallpaper_Tablet_1600x2400_May 2021 Wallpaper_Tablet_1600x2400_June 2021 Wallpaper_Tablet_1600x2400_July 2021 Wallpaper_Tablet_1600x2400_August 2021 Wallpaper_Tablet_1600x2400_September 2021 Wallpaper_Tablet_1600x2400_October 2021 Wallpaper_Tablet_1600x2400_November 2021 Wallpaper_Tablet_1600x2400_December

Mobile – 1242x2688

Please click the preview images to download our digital wallpaper.

2021 Wallpaper_Phone_1242x2688_January 2021 Wallpaper_Phone_1242x2688_Februray 2021 Wallpaper_Phone_1242x2688_March 2021 Wallpaper_Phone_1242x2688_April 2021 Wallpaper_Phone_1242x2688_May 2021 Wallpaper_Phone_1242x2688_June 2021 Wallpaper_Phone_1242x2688_July 2021 Wallpaper_Phone_1242x2688_August 2021 Wallpaper_Phone_1242x2688_September 2021 Wallpaper_Phone_1242x2688_October 2021 Wallpaper_Phone_1242x2688_November 2021 Wallpaper_Phone_1242x2688_December

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