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Digital Personal CDs

Helping you get more out of your money

Certificates of Deposit or CDs provide a safe investment with a fixed interest rate through maturity. Whether you’re investing for a short-term goal or a longer-term financial need, our Digital Personal CDs provide the flexibility to help you grow your savings on your preferred timetable.

Earn higher returns

CDs can earn a higher Annual Percentage Yield (APY) than regular savings deposits.

Flexible terms

A safe investment with a fixed interest rate through maturity, with terms of 6 or 12 months.

A safe investment

Get FDIC protection on your CDs for up to $250,000 per depositor for each ownership category.

Link to other deposit accounts

Interest may be credited to the CD or a Cathay Bank savings or checking account.

Get to know Digital Personal CDs

  • The minimum opening deposit is $10,000.
  • The interest rate is fixed for the term.
  • The term automatically renews at maturity.
  • No monthly maintenance charge.

Digital Personal CD Rates

Terms of deposit

$10,000.00* - $249,999.99 interest rate

$10,000.00* - $249,999.99 Annual Percentage Yield








* Minimum balance required to open an account and to obtain the advertised annual percentage yield (APY). APY assumes interest remains on deposit for the term of the account. A penalty may be applied for early withdrawal. Fees may reduce earnings on the account.

Interest Rates and Annual Percentage Yields are current as of 2024-06-22.

No ATM or debit card service allowed.


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