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Spyware/virus is usually installed without a user's knowledge or permission. However, users may unintentionally install spyware without understanding the full ramifications of their actions. A user may be required to accept an End User Licensing Agreement (EULA), which often does not clearly inform the user about the extent or manner in which information is collected. In such cases, the software is installed without the user's “informed consent.” Spyware can be installed through the following methods:


Risks associated with spyware/virus

Risks Associated with Spyware/Virus include:


Prevent spyware/virus

Preventions include:

Where possible, end-user should take steps to restrict access to sites known to introduce spyware; restrict the ability to download unauthorized software from the Internet; block pop-up ads; block the common ports used to respond to spyware; and implement and monitor an effective anti-virus program. As an end-user, there are steps you can take to defend yourself. Here are a few tips:

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