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Welcome to our Security Information Center

Cathay Bank is committed to providing a safe and secure online banking environment for our customers. With our online banking security infrastructure, you can be confident that access to your accounts is private and secure. While Cathay Bank works to protect your banking privacy, you also play a key role in safeguarding your personal financial information and accounts. The links below provide information that can assist you with protecting your personal financial information and ensuring that your banking experience on the Cathay Bank Internet site is as safe and secure as possible.


How Cathay Bank protects your information

Cathay Bank recognizes the importance of protecting the privacy of our customers’ personal financial information. Our goal is to maintain the trust and confidence of our customers when handling their personal information, as well as that of our prior customers, and other individual consumers who obtain or request a financial product or service from us. We only collect and use the information we need to deliver the high level of customer service you have come to expect, including informing you about products, services and other opportunities that may be of benefit to you. Please click to be taken to our privacy policy page. 


Keeping your banking experience safe

Cathay Bank reviews and approves the use of different browsers to ensure that they meet the bank's strict security standards. In addition to browser requirements, passwords and other safety features, Cathay Bank uses other methods to help ensure that your banking experience on the Internet is safe and secure. We have a precise authentication process to ensure that when you request information on your account, only you receive the information. Cathay Bank's systems are protected by what's called a "firewall," allowing entry only to those who are authorized. For digital identity verification, we have a Cathay Bank digital server certificate by DigiCert that your browser uses each time you sign on to protect the communication from your computer to Cathay Bank’s systems. Cathay Bank will never request confidential information from customers via email or pop-up windows.


Bank account precautions

To reduce deposit account fraud, balance your account when you receive your statements. If you don't receive one when expected, contact your local branch or go online at to get a copy of your activity. Shred your statements and/or receipts once you are done with them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cathay Bank

Email communication is not secure

Please do not include sensitive information such as account numbers or other personal information such as Social Security or Tax Identification numbers, driver’s license numbers, etc. in any email sent to us via this link.