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Mortgage Loan Calculator

Mortgage Loan Calculator

EMI Calculator
Description Amount Values
Simple Interest Rate:
% (Maximum 20%. This is a required field.)
Principal Amount of Loan: $
(Maximum $10 billion. No Commas. To find Principal Amount, leave it blank and enter Number of Payments & Monthly Payment Amount.)
Number of Monthly Payments:
(Maximum 500. To find Number of Payments, leave it blank and enter Principal Amount & Monthly Payment Amount.)
Monthly Payment Amount: $
(No Commas. It's calculated based on Interest Rate, Principal Amount, and Number of Months entered.)
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This calculator is a tool that calculates monthly mortgage payment examples for a given loan amount, interest rate and loan term. It is not an application for credit. The figures entered on this calculator are hypothetical only, and the results provided are intended for illustrative purposes only. You should enter figures that are appropriate to your individual situation. Payments are shown for principal and interest (P&I) amounts only. The amounts shown do not include property taxes, homeowners insurance or mortgage insurance where applicable. This calculator is not intended to offer any financial advice. Your use of this calculator does not assure the availability of, or your eligibility for, any specific loan product offered by Cathay Bank. Please consult with one of our Mortgage Loan Originators to discuss your specific needs. Interest rates, payments and loan terms may vary based on various credit factors. All loan applications are subject to credit approval.

Read Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s tips on using mortgage calculators effectively