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Get a behind-the-scenes look at a multimillion-dollar business

Waleed Saab is the CEO of Beef Jerky Factory, maker and distributor of dehydrated meat products. The company’s USDA-certified products are found in major retailers like Walmart and Costco Wholesale, and its line of pet food is sold in mainstream pet stores like PetSmart and Petco.

As a businessman for more than 30 years, Waleed has dealt with numerous challenges in finding a bank that fits the company’s vision. His search for the best bank to grow his business led him to Cathay Bank.

“We always look for a bank that can understand the nature of our business and can provide us what we need to grow our business,” Waleed says.


A commitment to supporting growth

In his efforts to expand Beef Jerky Factory, Waleed knew he needed to have the right equipment and would need to have available funds. Impressed with Cathay Bank’s service and responsiveness, Waleed moved his company’s entire banking relationship to the bank.

Waleed credits Cathay Bank in helping the Beef Jerky Factory triple its business. In its first year with Cathay Bank, the Beef Jerky Factory purchased more equipment and grew from fewer than 40 employees to more than 100.

“I think it was a mutual benefit between Cathay Bank and the Beef Jerky Factory that helped in developing more business and increasing our revenue,” Waleed says. He is confident that Cathay Bank can help his business grow even more because Cathay understands their business, responds to his needs, and makes things happen.


An emphasis on customer service

Cathay Bank offers business banking products and services such as checking accounts and online bill pay service, simplifying purchases and streamline invoice payments, and treasury management services to help improve on funds availability and cash flow.

In the 30 years that Waleed has been doing business with other banks, he has not had an meaningful relationship with one — until now. Today, he sees Cathay as a bank that is in it for the long haul. “In the past, I always felt that I was doing everything alone,” Waleed says. “I can see now that I am not alone. I have Cathay Bank with me.”

Let Cathay Bank design a plan for all your business banking needs. 


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