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William Shim views his company, Central Avenue, as a comprehensive shop for restaurant supplies. Central Avenue can fulfill its clients’ requirements — from vegetables and groceries to restaurant equipment.

“We have all kinds of supplies, so customers can come to Central Avenue as a one-stop shop,” said William. “We have basically everything the customer needs.”

Looking for the same kind of all-in-one service, William found it difficult dealing with two banks. He or a member of his staff had to visit the bank every day. If there was confusion about procedure, he could not find the help he needed — or the support for his business that he desired.

For William, finding the right bank meant looking for a bank that would communicate with him and give him the support and service his business needed.


Illustrating the value of teamwork

During his search, William was immediately impressed by Cathay Bank, which sent multiple representatives to Central Avenue to learn about his business and to understand the company. That made Cathay Bank an easy choice for Central Avenue.

The dedication of the relationship managers from the Cathay Bank Business Banking Group demonstrated to Central Avenue how much Cathay Bank values teamwork. “I remind my team that we at Cathay have the power and ability to positively change and impact our clients’ lives every day,” said Francis Astilla, First Vice President, Business Banking Manager at Cathay Bank. “We are competitive in our pricing, and our responsiveness to clients’ needs is what sets us apart from other banks and allows us to win business.”

Teamwork did not stop once William Shim signed on to do business with Cathay Bank, which keeps the lines of communication open. Representatives at Cathay not only answered all the questions William has, but also helped him understand his banking options so he could make more informative decisions about his business.

“Cathay Bank is kind of different from the previous bank that I had,” William said. “Their door is always open, and they are very close to me.”


A “one-stop shop” for our business banking clients

Ever since Central Avenue begin its business banking relationship with Cathay Bank, its profits have grown by 20% — just the first step of William’s plan to fulfill his American dream.

“The beauty of our business is getting the opportunity to contribute and be a part of an entrepreneur’s dream,” Cathay’s Francis Astilla said. “And we, too, can be a one-stop shop for our clients.”

To learn more about how Cathay Bank’s personalized service can help your company achieve growth, visit our Business Banking page. 


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This testimonial was voluntarily provided by the customer, who was not paid or provided with free products or any other benefits in exchange for such.

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