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See double-digit growth with relationship banking

Anthony Kartawinata founded Jans Enterprises Corp. in 1998, when he and his wife started importing food products from Indonesia for distribution. In 2004, he expanded the business to include importing products under their own private label.

Today, the Los Angeles-based company sells baking products, fruit juice, fruit snacks, chips, and cookies throughout the United States and across the globe. Retailers such as Whole Foods Market and Costco Wholesale carry Jans products — as do some of the top Las Vegas hotels, including the Bellagio, the MGM Grand, and the Venetian.

Anthony’s sharp business sense might have been the catalyst for such impressive growth, but he calls his employees the backbone of his company. And Anthony places great importance on quality compliance and production innovation to meet his clients’ demands. It is no surprise that he looked for the same attributes when choosing a bank.

“The main thing that I look for in a bank is a relationship,” Anthony says when asked about what to look for when choosing a bank. “I see a lot of big banks offer good products, but most of the time, I cannot have a relationship with the banker.”


Relationships put Cathay Bank ahead of the game

As Jans expanded in the U.S., Anthony chose to work with Cathay Bank. Through a relationship with Cathay Bank, Anthony could invest in new equipment and bigger facilities. The relationship worked so well that Anthony moved all of his banking business to Cathay Bank.

Cathay Bank’s relationship bankers use extensive industry knowledge to create research-based strategic support for business needs. What should you look for when choosing a bank? One that compliments the company’s vision to move forward.

Intentional in its approach, Jans prides itself on exceeding customer expectations. Jans is committed to integrity in its quality food products, and continues to grow its research and technology. Anthony says that Cathay Bank knows his business inside and out. Anthony has also made industry connections through Cathay Bank.


Cathay Bank offers strategic support

“Cathay Bank has helped me grow my business since the beginning,” Anthony says. “I am sure that as my company grows, Cathay Bank will be a bank that can grow my business by backing up my financial needs.”

Cathay Bank’s lending teams possess the industry knowledge and banking experience to help companies seize opportunities and overcome challenges. Cathay’s dedicated lending options are tailored to each business’s needs and objectives. See all the services Cathay Bank has to offer.


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