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Take an up-close look at a client-first approach

As the founder and CEO of Alter Agents, Rebecca Brooks understands that consumer needs are continually evolving. Alter Agents’ dedication to the customer service experience is what led Rebecca into solidifying her company’s banking relationship with Cathay Bank.

Headquartered in downtown Los Angeles, Alter Agents is a full-service, strategic market research consultancy. The firm collaborates with brands to reveal consumer needs, priorities, and context in an era of shifting decision making. Focusing on answering the challenging questions, Alter Agents uses a mix of research technologies and methodologies to uncover consumer habits for giant brands such as Snapchat, Google, Activision, YouTube, and Viking River Cruises.


Taking a client-first approach

Rebecca knows that traditional market research often focuses on the brand. When making real-life decisions, however, consumers face concerns regarding their own needs and priorities. In working with Cathay Bank, Rebecca found the best bank for her business — including a plan to help Alter Agents grow and thrive.

“Our previous bank didn’t have the technology to keep up with us,” Rebecca says. “We had a lot of steps and processes we had to go through in order to do even the simplest transactions. I also felt like we weren’t a priority there.”

Based on referrals from other business owners, Alter Agents reached out to Cathay Bank. After learning about the banking tools Cathay can provide to compliment Alter Agents’ expansion efforts, the firm started banking with Cathay Bank, using their treasury management services, that will contribute to growth and future planning.

“In our initial conversations with our relationship banker, it was clear that they understood Alter Agents’ business and what we needed to grow and to thrive,” Rebecca says on why she decided Cathay was the best bank for her company. “They had a plan for us and really demonstrated that they cared about our growth.”


Putting focus on customer service

Where Alter Agents and Cathay Bank really see eye to eye is their deep respect for customer service — especially in terms of adaptability, an immersive approach, and support.

In consumer marketing research, approaching projects with flexibility is the best way to achieve improvement and innovation. Alter Agents shares its clients’ curiosity so it can adapt the research tool kit as needed. It is similar to what the firm found with Cathay Bank.

“They are very responsive,” Rebecca says. “When we call with kind of an urgent need or a problem, they’re immediately there to solve that for us.”

The consumer relationship goes beyond the initial transaction. Alter Agents provides an immersive approach — using data-driven insights to inform its clients’ decisions — which guarantees objectives are met. In the same vein, Rebecca says she feels Cathay Bank cares about Alter Agents as much as she does about her clients.

“I feel like there is a very big team of people at Cathay Bank that knows our business. Someone is always available and ready to help,” Rebecca says. “They really want our company to succeed, and they are giving us the tools and the financing to make that happen.”

Alter Agents remains hands-on with every aspect of its clients’ projects — active or not. The firm knows it must feel like part of the team to deliver its expertise. In its quest to help Alter Agents grow, Cathay Bank works as part of Rebecca’s team. Cathay’s ongoing support means Rebecca does not concern herself with banking issues.

“What I love most about banking with Cathay Bank is that you don’t have to think about banking with Cathay Bank,” Rebecca laughs. “They make everything so easy and accessible.”


Cathay has a plan for the future

Alter Agents has an ambitious goal for growth — including expansion across the country and internationally. As the firm focuses on increased hiring and acquisition of small companies to expand its footprint, Alter Agents’ relationship with Cathay Bank will help the company manage that growth.

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