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Explore the custom solutions that made this startup successful

When Riparian, LLC, a startup based in Pasadena, California, was ready to expand the scope of its consulting services and grow its outsourcing and software services, it needed a bank to help manage its cash management needs. After a year-long search that included some mainstream banks, Riparian chose to work with Cathay Bank.

David Chan and Cynthia Hwang founded Riparian as a consulting firm four years ago. It has since grown its service offerings to include managed services, system integration services, and enterprise SaaS (Software as a Service).

“Starting a new company is very difficult,” David says. “You will go through all kinds of achievements and real dips. You really need a company working with you — a relationship with a bank that is going to help you through those times.”

As Riparian expanded, David and Cynthia  knew the company needed a bank that could accommodate their short- and long-term business needs. At Cathay Bank, Riparian recognized the value of joining a banking family that could be responsive to its needs.


Solutions, responsiveness, and care

As a company rooted in client services, Riparian responded to Cathay Bank’s customer service and the level of care and support the bank offers.

“We ended up choosing Cathay Bank for three reasons, and I boil that down to solutions, responsiveness, and care,” Cynthia says, emphasizing what to look for when choosing a bank.

At Cathay Bank, David says, Riparian found a team that was honest about what the growing company could achieve. Riparian’s relationship with Cathay is such that David and Cynthia can reach out at any time to discuss big ideas or future visions. Then, Cathay Bank works to uncover ways to help Riparian meet those goals.

“At Cathay Bank, we actually feel like a valued client,” David says. “You do not always feel that way because maybe you are a small business and are not as big as these other companies. But at Cathay, people value you, regardless of your size.”


Creative solutions for a sense of security

Whether you run a big business or a growing startup, Cathay Bank has the knowledge, staff, and resources to help you. Cathay Bank’s Treasury Management Services are designed to provide the financial tools your company needs to meet financial goals by taking control over your spending while improving cash flow.

“I would wholeheartedly recommend Cathay Bank to any other businesses out there — big or small — but especially to any startup company that has working capital needs and that needs creative solutions to meet those needs,” Cynthia says. “Cathay Bank has demonstrated that it is a very highly trusted advisor to us, so I would recommend Cathay without any reservation.”

Cathay Bank’s business-ready tools and account management services can help your company improve cash flow and meet financial needs. Imagine what’s next for your business. 


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