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Specialty Lending

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Funding your way forward

Our industry expertise and specialized lending experience can help your business get the funding it needs to grow and stay competitive.

Every industry presents different business opportunities and challenges. At Cathay Bank, our Specialty Lending teams leverage their industry knowledge and banking experience to provide tailored financial solutions for your unique business needs. With our specializations in High Tech, Energy and Asset-Based Lending, we can help you capitalize on the right industry opportunities to fuel your business growth.

Deep industry knowledge

Access a team who understands your industry and its unique opportunities and challenges.

Dedicated lending

Get financing solutions tailored to your business needs and your organization’s objectives.

Strategic support

Strengthen your business strategy with research-based, hands-on support from our team.

Exceptional service

Work with a team committed to supporting your vision and moving your business forward.

High Tech Lending

As new and disruptive technologies transform the high-tech industry, Cathay Bank’s High Tech Lending team offers the financial solutions to help businesses keep pace. Headquartered in California’s Silicon Valley, our team provides growing and emerging technology companies with the deep industry knowledge and dedicated lending experience needed to drive innovation, execute strategies and stay competitive.


Energy Lending

As energy needs increase, the industry explores new opportunities for exploration, production, transportation and processing. To help companies take advantage of these market opportunities, our Energy Group uses its strong relationships with U.S.-based and overseas investors to deliver a full range of reserve-based lending solutions to help businesses expand strategically.


Asset-Based Lending

Our Asset-Based Lending can provide you with the financial flexibility to fund expansion, take advantage of mergers and acquisitions opportunities and meet operational expenses. Depending on your business needs and goals, our dedicated team of lenders can offer customizable financing options secured by a range of company assets, enabling your business to fund its growth without giving up company equity.

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