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Information & Funds Management

Manage your business finances with confidence

Get greater visibility and control over your Cathay Bank accounts with business-ready tools and account management services.

Immediate access and management of your accounts is crucial in the day-to-day monitoring of your cash position and funding needs. Our flexible and secure information reporting and services provide timely, accurate, and comprehensive information and tools to manage your Cathay accounts.

Account visibility

Get up-to-date account information delivered securely for greater insight into your finances.

Automated disbursements

Maintain account balances and get greater control over disbursements with a ZBA account.

Reduced interest expenses

Lower the interest you pay on credit facilities with a Loan Sweep.

Easy accessibility

Access and manage your Cathay accounts from your computer, mobile device or tablet.


Zero Balance Accounts

Zero Balance Accounts (ZBAs) help eliminate manual transfers of funds between accounts, reduce idle cash and prevent overdrafts. Funds are automatically transferred from a business master account into its ZBA account(s) to cover disbursements at the end of each business day. ZBAs simplify funds transfer activity, help maintain account autonomy and are useful for funding multiple disbursement accounts on an "as needed" basis.

Additionally, ZBAs can be used to automatically move deposits from one or more depository accounts into a related master account. This allows consolidation of all your company’s bank balances and the creation of one pool of funds, enabling you to determine your daily cash position and optimize investments.

ZBAs help businesses:

  • Improve cash flow by eliminating idle balances
  • Maintain control of multiple accounts by funding them through a single, centralized account
  • Eliminate time spent on manually funding subsidiary accounts
  • Save clerical time and expenses
  • Maximize funds available for investment and minimize risk of overdrafts
  • Invest excess funds in the central operating account to increase returns and maintain liquidity


Loan Sweep

A Loan Sweep account lets you automatically transfer predetermined funds between your deposit account and loan account, minimizing your interest expense by linking your deposit account and credit account/line of credit.


Outbound Data Services

Our Outbound Data Services provide automated, reliable and secure delivery of your account data. Get account activity and information automatically sent to you via secure file transfer protocol (SFTP) in a BAI2 file format or to another bank via SWIFT.

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