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Fraud Prevention

Keeping your business secure

Our Fraud Prevention services help protect your accounts from fraudulent activity so you can run your business with peace of mind.

Financial fraud can be damaging to your business without the proper protection. Cathay Bank offers several Positive Pay fraud control services to help prevent fraudulent transaction activity on your account. Use Positive Pay for Checks on its own or add Payee Positive Pay to review checks prior to payment. Automatic Clearing House (ACH) Positive Pay provides an opportunity to review and manage ACH transactions.

Less financial risk

Identify fraud more quickly to reduce financial risks to your business.

Enhanced visibility

Review incoming ACH debits to ensure they meet criteria before posting to your account(s).

Automated alerts

Receive alerts when a transaction doesn’t meet your predetermined criteria.

Payee Positive Pay for Checks

Payee Positive Pay helps prevent check fraud by comparing the payee names in a customer’s check issue file against checks presented for payment. If the payee name does not match, an exception is created, providing you with an opportunity to make a decision to pay or return the item.

Payee Positive Pay is available as an additional safeguard to companies that use Positive Pay.


ACH Positive Pay

ACH Positive Pay helps mitigate fraud risk by allowing a company to easily manage ACH debit transactions received by the Bank for posting to the company’s account. With ACH Positive Pay, your business gets the flexibility to set payment rules using ACH filters and blocks and send exceptions for review if a transaction does not match a payment rule. Customers then have the opportunity to review exception ACH transactions and decide whether to pay or return an ACH entry in a timely manner.


Approvals on the Go with Mobile

Cathay Business Mobile Banking includes Positive Pay approvals. Whether you are in the office or traveling, you can authorize approvals in real-time.

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